Studies of the long term development of The Philippines


The key reference to the economic history of The Philippines until 1940 is


  • Corpuz, Onofre Dizon (1997) An Economic History of the Philippines. Quezon City: University of the Philippines Press. 


Other studies extend the timeframe to after World War II and/or offer further details and interpretations:


  • Balisacan, Arsenio M. and Hal Hill (eds.) (2002) The Philippine Economy: Development, Policies and Challenges. Oxford UP. 
  • Fradera, Josep M. (2004) ‘The historical origins of the Philippine economy: A survey of recent research of the Spanish colonial era’, Australian Economic History Review, 44(3) 307-320.
  • Golay, Frank H. (1961) The Philippines. Public Policy and National Economic Development. Ithaca: Cornell UP. 
  • Golay, Frank H. (1969) ‘The Philippines’ in Frank Golay et al., Underdevelopment and Economic Nationalism in Southeast Asia. (Ithaca: Cornell UP) 21-110.
  • Hooley, Richard W. (1991) 'Economic developments in the Philippines' in Th.W. Robinson (ed.) Democracy and Development in East Asia: Taiwan, South Korea, and the Philippines. (Washington DC: AEI Press) pp.193-212.
  • Hooley, Richard W. (2005) ‘American economic policy in the Philippines, 1902–1940: Exploring a dark age in colonial statistics’, Journal of Asian Economics, 16(3) 464-488.
  • Legarda, Benito F. (1999) After the Galleons: Foreign Trade, Economic Change and Entrepreneurship in the 19th Century Philippines. Madison (Wisc.): University of Wisconsin Centre for Southeast Asian Studies. 
  • Sicat, Geraldo P. (1972) Economic Policy and Philippine Development. Manila: University of the Philippines Press. 
  • Valdenenas, Vicente B. and Gemelino M. Bautista (1977) The Emergence of the Philippine Economy. Manila: Papyrus Press. 

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