The Sea-Delt initiative

Sea-Delt is the initiative of several economic historians and development economists who share a long experience in researching the economies and societies of the countries in the region. The project was initiated under the auspices of the Asian Historical Statistics Project (Center of Excellence Program of the Japanese Ministry of Education), with initial financial support from the French CNRS and the Institute of Economic Research of Hitotsubashi University. Sea-Delt is hosted at the Institute of East Asian Studies (Institut d'Asie Orientale), of the University of Lyon Institut d'Asie Orientale, UMR CNRS 5062, Campus Descartes, ENS de Lyon,  69007 Lyon, France (


Advisory Board of the SEA-DELT project

Chair Person

Jeffrey G. Williamson, Harvard University and University of Wisconsin (USA)

Members of the Board

Peter Coclanis, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA)

Gregg Huff, Pembroke College, Oxford University (UK)

Konosuke Odaka, Hitotsubashi University (Japan)


Members of the SEA-DELT team

Jean-Pascal Bassino, ENS Lyon (France)

Pim de Zwart, Wageningen University (The Netherlands)

Montserrat Lopez Jerez, Lund University (Sweden)

Yoshiko Nagano, Kanagawa University (Japan)

Pierre van der Eng, Australian National University (Australia) der Eng

Jessica Vechbanyongratana, Chulalongkorn University (Thailand)

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