Studies of the long-term economic development of Myanmar


The key reference to the economic history of Burma and Myanmar is:


  • Brown, Ian (2013) Burma's Economy in the Twentieth Century. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


Other studies cover the same ground, but offer further details and interpretations:


  • Adas, Michael (1974) The Burma Delta. Economic Development and Social Change on an Asian Rice Frontier, 1852-1941. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press. 
  • Fenichel, Allen H. and Huff, W. Gregg (1971) ‘The Impact of Colonialism on Burmese Economic Development.’ Centre for Developing-Areas Studies Occasional Paper No.7. Montreal: McGill University.
  • Findlay, Ronald et al. (2016) ‘Myanmar: building economic foundations’, Asian-Pacific Economic Literature, 30(1) 42-64.
  • Hlaing, Aye (1964) `Trends of Economic Growth and Income in Burma, 1870-1940', Journal of the Burma Research Society, 47(1) 89-148.
  • Nishizawa, Nobuyoshi (1991) ‘Economic Development of Burma in Colonial Times.’ Institute for Peace Science Research Report No.15. Hiroshima: Hiroshima University. 
  • Thein, Myat (2004) Economic Development of Myanmar. Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies.
  • Khin Maung Kyi et al. (2000) A Vision and a Strategy: Economic Development of Burma. Singapore: Singapore University Press. 



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