There are many studies that cover the long-term economic development of Indonesia. Even older overviews are still worth reading, as they cover topics and offer references that more recent overviews neglect. Here are a few key references.


Text books


Literature surveys

Many studies exist that deal with specific time periods, specific regions of Indonesia and/or specific sectors of the economy. Nevertheless, a wide range of such topics still await closer study. Some overviews of trends in the research of Indonesia's long-term economic development are:

  • Tan, Frits J.E. (1965, 2007) Aspects of an Indonesian economic historiography' in Soedjatmoko (ed.) An Introduction to Indonesian Historiography (Jakarta: Equinox Publishing) 395-404.
  • Lindblad, J. Thomas (1989) 'The economic history of colonial Indonesia: A historiographical survey',  Economic and Social History in the Netherlands, 1: 31-47.
  • Lindblad, J. Thomas (1993) ‘Key themes in the modern economic history of Indonesia’ in J. Thomas Lindblad (ed.) New Challenges in the Modern Economic History of Indonesia (Leiden: Programme of Indonesian Studies) 1-36.
  • Van der Eng, Pierre (1996) 'Challenging changes: Current themes in the economic history of Indonesia', Tijdschrift voor Sociale en Economische Geschiedenis, 10(2) 89-113.
  • Touwen, Jeroen (2008) 'The economic history of Indonesia' in Robert Whaples (ed.) EH.Net Encyclopedia. (online at EH.Net, 16 March 2008).
  • Nawiyato (2010) ‘Trends in the economic historiography of Indonesia since 1990’, in J. Thomas Lindblad and Bambang Purwanto (eds.) Merajut Sejarah Ekonomi Indonesia: Essays in Honour of Thee Kian Wie [Weaving Indonesia’s economic history: Essays in Honour of Thee Kian Wie]. (Yogyakarta: Ombak) 91-134. 


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