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Title [English]Harvested Land and Main Food Crop Production in Java and Madura 1937-1946
Original titleGeoogste Uitgestrektheden en Productie van de Voornaamste Voedingsgewassen op Java en Madoera 1937-1946, Lahan Panen dan Produksi Tanaman Pangan Utama di Djawa dan Madura 1937-1946.
Year (of publication)1947
AuthorCentraal Kantoor voor de Statistiek, Kantor Pusat Statistik
LanguageDutch, Indonesian
Keyword(s)Statistical yearbook
Present-day countryIndonesia
Period covered (begin)1937
Period covered (end)1946
Document TypeMonograph

This publication was compiled in 1947 by the Central Bureau of Statistics in Jakarta, on the basis of food production data in Java for 1941-1946, which it dscovered in the buildings in Jakarta that had been occupied by the Office for General Research (Kantor Penyelidikan Umum) of the Japanese military adiministration in Java during 1942-1945 and of the Republic of Indonesia during 1945-1946. 

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159/450 results        


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